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SR-71 Significant Events

Below is a table of significant events in the development and operation of the SR-71 Blackbird and its predecessors. I developed this table from an excellent book on the Blackbird "Lockheed SR-71 - The Secret Missions Exposed" by Paul F Crickmore.

195724 Dec1st J58 Engine Run
195929 AugUS Accepts A-12 Design
196030 JanCIA Approves Oxcart Project
196226 Apr1st Flight of A-12, Pilot Lou Schalk
19624 JunSR-71 Mock up Reviewed by USAF
196230 JunJ58 Competes Pre-Flight Rating Test
196228 DecLockheed Contracted to Build 6 Production SR-71 Aircraft
196331 Jan1st J58 Air Tested
196324 May1st A-12 Lost in Accident
19637 Aug1st Flight YF-12 Pilot J Eastham
196429 FebExistence of Oxcart, A-12 Announced
196425 JulPres. Johnon, 1st Public Announcement of Mach Aircraft. Twists Letters RS-71 and says SR-71. Designation Sticks
196429 OctSR-71 Prototype to Palmdale
19647 DecSR-71s to be Based at Beale AFB Announced
196418 Dec1st Engine Run of SR-71 Prototype
196421 DecSR-71 Taxi Tests
196422 Dec1st Flight of SR-71, Palmdale, Pilot Bob Gilliland
196422 Dec1st Flight M-12/D21, Groom Dry Lake, Nevada
19653 Mar1st Flight of YF-12C
19651 MayYF-12 Sets 9 Speed & Altitude Records
19651 JunSR-71/YF-12 Test Force Formed Edwards AFB
19657 Jul1st 2 T-38 Companion Trainers Delivered to Beale AFB
19652 NovSR-71B Maiden Flight from Palmdale, Pilot B. Gilliland & Bill Weaver
19666 Jan1st SR-71 Delivered to USAF
19667 JanSR-71B Arrives at Beale AFB
196625 Jan1st SR-71A Lost in Accident
196625 Jun9th Strategic Recon Wing Formed at Beale AFB
19663 Jul1st Launch attempt D-21 from M-12
196630 JulTagboard Program Ends
196731 May1st Operational A-12 Sortie
196811 JanSR-71B Lost, Beale AFB
196826 Jan1st Overflight of N Korea by an A-12
196821 Mar1st SR-71 Operational Sortie over SE Asia
196826 Jul1st Confirmed firings of 2 SA-2s at an SR-71
196914 Mar1st Flight of SR-71C
196911 DecYF-12 NASA/USAF Test Program begins
197126 AprSR-71A Completes 15,000 mi Non-stop Around US, Time 10 hrs 30 min
19741 SepNew York to London record 1 hrs 56 min
197413 SepLondon to Los Angeles record 3 hrs 47 min
197627 JulSpeed Record 2,092 mph
197628 JulSpeed Record 2,193 mph
197628 JulAlt Record 85,068 ft
197816 Nov1st Overflight of Cuba
19847 Nov1st SR-71 Sortie ov Nicaragua
198613 AprSR-71s Conduct Post Strike Recon over Libya
198722 Jul1st Operational Mission into Gulf
19891 OctUSAF Operations Suspended while awaiting Budget Outcome
198922 NovAll USAF Operations Terminated
199026 Jan SR-71 is Decommissioned at Beale AFB
199016 MarWest-East Coast 1 hr 7 min, Kansas City-Washington DC 29 min 57 sec, St Louis-Cincinnati 8 min 32 sec
1995Congress Reactivates 2 SR-71s
1996SR-71s Grounded for lack of Funds
1997OctPres. Clinton uses Line Item Veto to Stop SR-71 Funding
1997JunLine Item Veto Declared Unconstitutional, SR-71 in Limbo
199830 OctAll USAF SR-71 Operations Suspended
19996 JulNASA Uses 2 SR-71s at Dryden for Tests
199915 OctNASA Ceases SR-71 Tests