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See below for a list of website updates.

11/23/2022 Website relaunch started
11/26/2022 Added Planes of Fame Museum Pictures
11/28/2022 Added Space Shuttle Discovery Pictures from the Smithosonian Air and Space Museum
12/5/2022 Added new information to the SR-71 Specification Page
12/24/2022 Added Nellis AFB Air Show Static Display Page and Nellis AFB Aviation Flight Demonstration Page.
12/26/2022 Added Nellis AFB Air Show Thunderbirds Flight Demonstration Page.
12/26/2022 Added NASA SR-71 Archive Page.
12/28/2022 Added Warbirds Photos.
12/30/2022 Added Non Military Aircraft Photos to Other Photos.
12/30/2022 Added Smithsonian Helicopter Pictures.
1/23/2023 Added Smithsonian Post WWII Aircraft Pictures.
1/26/2023 Added Smithsonian Modern Military Aircraft Pictures.
1/30/2023 Added site map.
1/30/2023 Added P-51 Specification Page.
2/10/2023 Added several WWII aircraft to the Warbird Specification Page.
3/11/2023 Added USAF Aircraft Pictures Collections 1 and 2.
3/11/2023 Added Airport Scenery Pictures.
3/17/2023 Added Historical Documents to Military Documents page.
3/17/2023 Added the B-24 and B-25 to the Warbirds page.
3/17/2023 Added the Grand Canyon Airport Aircraft Pictures page.
3/23/2023 Added more Modern Military and WWII Aircraft Galleries
4/7/2023 Added more warbird specifications pages
4/7/2023 Added A-12 Gallery
4/8/2023 Added YF-12 Gallery
5/27/2023 Added USN Gallery #1 and XV-15 and V-22 Gallery