War Birds

Welcome to an exciting feature on my SR71 site. Since, as I mentioned on my main page, I am running out of stealth aircraft to put up information on, I would be adding other military aircraft. Some of those aircraft I wanted to add hold a special place for me, the war birds, or aircraft that served past wars, mainly WWII. These aircraft have served our country just as much as modern military aircraft, yet they deserve a special spot in history.

I would also like to acknowledge the hard work and bravery that the pilots, ground forces, and support crew had in WWII. The aircraft, tank, and trucks used would have been useless if it were not for those brave defenders of freedom.

War Bird Specs With Pictures
P-51 P-38 P-47 P-40 F4U F6F
Spitfire B-24 B-29 B-25 B-26 P-39
B-18 Lockheed Hudson P-61 SBD-5 Avenger A-20