Planes of Fame Museum Pictures

This page is a collection of some pictures I took at the Planes of Fame Museum in Valle, Arizona, near the Grand Canyon on November 14th 2006. Just click on the thumbnail you want to see and that picture will open up in a new window.

AD4-N AD4-N C-121 D3A1 Val Dive Bomber Siemens-Schuckert D IV T1Siemens-Schuckert D IV
Bristol F2 F3F-2 F11-F F-84 F-84 RB-26C
ME Bf109G-10 ME Bf109G-10 ME Bf109G-10 Mig 15 Mig 15 Mig 15
T-28B T-28C T-33 T-33 DeHavilland Vampire DeHavilland Vampire
AD4-N C165 F3F F3F J2f L19
L29 Dolphin L29 Dolphin T-33 MXY7 PT17 PT17
C-121 F-11F F-84 F84 Ford Tri-Motor Ford Tri-Motor
L29 Dolphin ME109 ME109 Mig 15 Mig 15 T-33