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YF-12 Documents

Click on the link below to download, or view in your browser the unclassified documents about the YF-12 in PDF file format.

Development and Flight Test Results of an Autothrottle Control System at Mach 3 Cruise by Glenn B. Gilyard and John J. Burken, July 1980

In-Flight Compressible Turbulent Boundary Layer Measurements on a Hollow Cylinder at Mach Number of 3.0 by Robert D. Quinn and Leslie Gong - Dryden Flight Research Center

Handling Qualities Aspects of NASA YF-12 Flight Experience by Donald T. Berry, Donald L. Mallick and Glenn B. Gilyard - NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

Feasibility Study of Inlet Shock Stability System of YF-12 by G. E. Blausey, D. M. Coleman and D. S. Harp - Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Advanced Development Projects

Mach 3+ NASA/USAF YF-12 Flight Research 1969-1979 by Peter W. Merlin

YF-12 Propulsion Research Program and Results by James A. Albers and Frank V. Olinger - Dryden Flight Research Center

Fabrication and Evaluation of Advanced Titanium Structural Panes for Supersonic Cruise Aicraft by L. Payne - Lockheed-California Company for Lengley Research Center