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Bell X-1 Specs

The Bell X-1 "Glamorous Glennis" became the world's first manned aircraft to break the sound barrier on Oct 14, 1947, piloted by Chuck Yeager. This revolutionary, bullet shaped aircraft proved to the world mach speed in a winged aircraft was not only possible but controllable. The Bell X-1 performed this milestone after being dropped from a B-29 at 23,000 ft and proceeded to Mach 1.06 at 43,000 feet. With a total of 78 flights and a top speed, of Mach 1.45 set on Mar. 26, 1948 at 71,900 ft, the X-1 and Chuck Yeager proved to be the right combination at the right time to advance aviations limits.

Besides setting records the X-1 was also very useful for the future shape of every supersonic aircraft ever made. It proved ideas such as the need for all moving horizontal stabilizers. It also showed that straight edged wings are inefficient at mach speeds. In short the Bell X-1 launched the modern era of aircraft design and flight techniques.

Function:         Experimental
Contractor:         Bell
Power Plant:         Reaction Motors, Inc., XLR-11-RM-3 4 chamber rocket wngine w/ 6,000 lbs of thrust
Length:         30 ft 11 in
Height:         13 ft 3 in
Wingspan:         10 ft 10 in
Speed:         Mach 1.48
Crew:         one
Deployment Date:         1947