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V-22 Osprey Specs

The V-22 Osprey is a completely new class of Transport Aircraft. It has the speed of a plane, and the V-TOL capabilities of a helicopter. This is the first succesful design of its type to make it to production. The Osprey is a Tilt Rotor Aircraft, which means that the engines actually tilt from the vertical plane to the horizontal plane. Since it was originally designed for the Navy its entire wing surface can fold up over the frame to save space. Consequently, with all of these moving parts, the V-22 has had a troubled and long development period, starting back around 1980. With these bugs nearly worked out it is slated to enter service in 2007.

Because of the Osprey's unique capabilities, all of the military wants this aircraft. It can take 24 troops or light cargo loads into the combat zone with the speed of a traditional airplane, but can land vertically for fast ingress and egress from that combat zone. The US Marine Corp has the largest order for the V-22, with about 360 on order, and the USAF and USN have about 50 planned. This unique aircraft will present a new demension to the battlefield and provide another way for the US Military to protect freedom.

Function:         Cargo / Transport
Contractor:         Bell / Boeing
Power Plant:         2 Rolls Royce AE 1107C Liberty Engines w/ 6,150hp Each
Length:         57 ft 4 in
Height:         17 ft 11 in
Max Weight:         60,500 lbs.
Rotorspan:         38 ft unfolded
Speed:         316 MPH
Range:         1011 mi. unrefueled
Armament:         Various Cabin mounted guns
Crew:         3
Deployment Date:         2007