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Vought V173 and XF5U-1 Specs

The Vought V-173, and the later XF5U-1, was an expirimental fighter design tried in the 1940's using early lifting body designs. Also known as the "Zimmer Skimmer" these two aircraft were bold attempts at getting rid of the traditional wing surface and using the aircraft's body itself to create lift. This project also nearly created the first V/STOL fighter. The project began in 1939, on paper, and ended in cancellation in 1947, due to the jet age.

This unique aircraft created some interesting design ideas that, while never used, showed the imagination and creativity of America's aircraft designers. These types of projects expand our thought processes and lead to genuine innovation in aviation.

          Vought V-173 Specs
Function:         Experimental
Contractor:         Vought
Power Plant:         2 Continental A-80 Engines at 80 HP each
Length:         26 ft 8 in
Height:         12 ft 11 in
Width:         23 ft 4 in
Speed:         139 mph
Range:         Limited (20 gal. of fuel
Crew:         one
Deployment Date:         1942
          Vought XF5U-1
Function:         Experimental
Contractor:         Vought
Power Plant:         2 P & W R-2000-7 engines at 1600 HP each
Length:         28 ft. 7.5 in.
Height:         14 ft. 9 in.
Gross Weight:         14550 lb.
Width:         32 ft. 6 in.
Speed:         504 MPH
Range:         910 mi.
Armament:         6 .50 cal machine guns or 4 20 mm cannons or 2 1,000 lb bombs
Crew:         One