Tulsa International Airport Aircraft Pictures

I currently attend Spartan College of Aeronautics and have class right next to the Tulsa International Airport in Tulsa, OK. These are a few of the pictures I've taken of the military aircraft that park out side of my classroom. Most of them are of trainers, however every once in awhile I get lucky. I will add more pictures as I get them. Anyway, just click onthe thumbnails to see the full picture. All thumbnails open into a New Window

F16 F16 F18 F18 F18 T1
T1 T38 T1 T1 T38 T6 T6 T37
T37 T38 T38 T38 T38 T38
F16 F16 F16 F16 F16 F16
F14 F14 F14 F14 F14 F16
F16 F16 F16 T38 T38 T38
F21 F21 F21 F21 T1-T38 UH60
F18 F18 F18 F18 T6 T6
F18 F18 F18 F18 F16 F16