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T-38 Talon Specs

The T-38 Talon looks like a classic fighter from the sixties, but is actually one of the backbone trainers for the USAF. Entering service in 1961, this trainer, based on the F-5 Freedom Fighter, has been used to train over 60,000 pilots in the air force. The talon is, and has been, the USAF's only supersonic trainer for years. This aircraft is the trainer that fighter, attack, and bomber pilots.

While the basic model has no fire control systems there was a limited production of the AT-38 to train fighter and attack pilots. It can carry a limited amount of basic ordinance. Both of these trainers have been used to train highly effective pilots while limiting the cost and wear on a front line aircraft. This trainer has most of the full features of a front line aircraft and allows pilots the time needed to get used to performing at supersonic speeds. The Talon will continue to serve well untill it is slated to retire in 2010.

Function:         Advanced Jet Pilot Trainer
Contractor:         Northrop
Power Plant:         2 GE J-85-GE-5 Turbo Jets w/ AB with 2,900 lbs of thrust each
Length:         46 ft 4.5 in
Height:         12 ft 10.5 in
Max Weight:         12,500 lbs.
Wingspan:         25 ft 3 in
Speed:         Mach 1.08
Range:         1000 nautical mi.
Armament:         None on T-38a, Limited on AT-38
Crew:         Two
Deployment Date:         1961
Unit Cost:         $756,000