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T-1 Jayhawk Specs

The T-1A Jayhawk is one of the newest trainers in the Air Forces inventory. This aircraft was introduced in 1992 to provide for more specialized training for tanker and airlift pilots. The T-1 also greatly reduced the workload and increased the lifespan of the aging T-38 Talons. The Jayhawk is a military version of the Beech 400A. The main differences are are increased fuel capacity and better engine life traits for low level flight.

With the introduction of the T-1 the tanker and air transport pilot can better learn their jobs. The T-1 performs much more like a tanker than the sleek and maneuverable T-38. The T-1 has the ablility to fly at sustained speed of mach .73 (538 MPH) and can hold the student, instructor, and observer. The T-1 has and will continue to prove to be an economical and effective way to train the future pilots of the USAF.

Function:         Advanced Trainer for Tanker & Airlift Pilots
Contractor:         Raytheon
Power Plant:         2 P & W JT15D-5 turbofan engines w/ 2,900 lbs of thrust each
Length:         48 ft 5 in
Height:         13 ft 11 in
Max Weight:         16,100 lbs.
Wingspan:         43 ft 6 in
Speed:         538 MPH
Range:         More than 2,100 nautical mi. unrefueled
Armament:         None
Crew:         Three
Deployment Date:         1992
Unit Cost:         $4.1 million