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S-3 Viking Specs

Whenever the US Navy talks about a muti-purpose aircraft the S-3 Viking can apply. This truly unique bird serves many roles. It can be a sub hunter, Electronic warfare, refueling, and even has limited attack capabilities. The official use of the S-3 is that of Fleet Protection and Refueling. The Viking has a powerful suite of electronic warfare packages, such as: Inverse Synthetic aperture radar, Infrared sensors and other sensors. This hunter doesn't come unarmed. It can be armed with the harpoon anti-ship missile, maverick missile, many other options for this role.

The S-3 is even flexible enough to serve as an ariel refueling platform. This multipurpose aircraft has yet even more roles: search and rescue, surveillence and much more. The Viking is continually being upgraded to meet new requirements and will continue to serve and protect the Navy's fleets for years to come.

Function:         Force Protection
Contractor:         Lockheed
Power Plant:         2 GE TF34-GE-400B turbofan w/ 9,275
Length:         53 ft 4 in
Height:         22 ft 9 in
Max Weight:         52,539 lbs.
Wingspan:         68 ft 8 in
Speed:         518 MPH
Range:         2,300 mi. unrefueled
Armament:         up to 3,958 lbs of ordinance including missiles, torpedoes, rockets, and bombs
Crew:         four
Deployment Date:         1975