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P-47 Specs

The P-47 Thunderbolt, nicknamed the "Jug", is among the revered fighters from WWII. This is because of its ability to take great battle damage and still get the pilot home and because of its awesome fire power. Its capability to take battle damage comes from the fact that it has an air cooled, radial engine. When compared to water cooled, inline engines, radial engines could take much more damage and still fly reliably. Also, it could carry either 6 or 8 .50 caliber machine guns and either 10 rockets or 2,500 lbs of bombs. In effect this aircraft was not only a great fighter, but also a great attack aircraft.

This great aircraft was so liked that about 16,000 P-47's were built in its lifetime. These plane served with honor and distinction, as well as the brave pilots and support crew that flew and maintained them.

Function:     Fighter
Contractor:     Republic
Power Plant:     1 P & W R-2800-59 w/ 2430 hp
Length:     36 ft. 2 in.
Height:     14 ft. 8 in.
Max Weight:     17,500 lbs loaded
Max Speed:     433 mph
Cruising Speed:     350 mph
Range:     1030 miles
Armament:     6 or 8 .50 cal. machine guns or either ten rockets or 2500 lbs
Crew:     1
Deployment Date:     1942