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F-86 Sabre Specs

This Korean War era fighter aircraft was one of the best fighter jets of its day. The F-86 was developed in the post WWII years and first flew in 1947. The Sabre distinguished itself in combat against Mig 15s and proved to be a vast improvement over the F-80 Shooting Star. With the introduction of the F-86F the Sabre became even better by doubling the output of its GE J47 engine from 5,200 lbs of thrust to 10,000 lbs of thrust.

Even though this classic fighter was quickly out classed in those years of rapid aircraft development, it served with honor and distinction for many countries for several years. Some of these countries included Pakistan, Argintina, Portugal, South Africa, and others. The F-86 was also one of the first jet fighters able to go supersonic in a dive. The F-86 was the begining of the development of modern fighter aircraft.

Function:         Fighter-Interceptor / Fighter-Bomber
Contractor:         North American
Power Plant:         1 GE J47 turbojet w/ 5200 lbs of thrust
Length:         37 ft. 6 in.
Height:         14 ft. 8 in.
Max Weight:         13,971 lb.
Wingspan:         37 ft. 1 in.
Speed:         685 mph
Range:         1200 miles
Armament:         6 50 cal. machine guns & 8 5 in. rockets or 2000 lbs of bombs
Crew:         1
Deployment Date:         May 1963
Cost:         $18.4 million