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F6F Hellcat Specs

The F6F Hellcat was a faster and more powerful evolution of the F4F Wildcat. It used a more powerfull engines and was more advanced in general. This big and tough aircraft overcame the Japanese with amazing results. In fact, on one occasion, Dec. 4, 1943, the Hellcat proved its power and worth. There were 91 Hellcats and 50 Zeros, with only 2 F6F's down there were 28 downed Japanese.

This aircraft was fast, powerful and maneuverable. It could take great battle damage and make it back without a problem. It was truly one of the great aircraft of WWII. The Hellcat served as a great carrier operated aircraft as well as on land bases and was highly adaptable.

Function:     Fighter
Contractor:     Grumman
Power Plant:     1 P & W R-2800-10 w/ 2000 HP
Length:     33 ft. 7 in.
Height:     13 ft. 1 in.
Max Weight:     13,288 lbs loaded
Max Speed:     376 mph
Range:     1,090 miles
Armament:     6 .50 cal. machine guns; 2000 lbs of bombs
Crew:     1
Deployment Date:     1942