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F4U Corsair Specs

The Vought F4U corsair is commonly considered the best carrier based aircraft during all of WWII. It had great power, range, and survivablity. In fact, the Japanese called it "Whistling Death". This nickname came from the uniquely placed and shaped air intakes for the turbo chargers. This fighter provided a great balance of offensive and defensive capabilities.

It's armament not only includes six .50 cal. machine guns, but it could also carry around 2,000 lbs of bombs or 8, 5 in. rockets. This is the legendary aircraft piloted by the famed "Black Sheep" squadron or otherwise known as VF-214. The F4U is truly one of the great fighters of WWII.

Function:     Fighter
Contractor:     Chance-Vought
Power Plant:     1 P & W R-2800-18W w/ 2100 HP
Length:     33 ft. 8 in.
Height:     14 ft. 9 in.
Max Weight:     14,670 lbs loaded
Max Speed:     446 mph
Range:     1005 miles
Armament:     6 .50 cal. machine guns; 2,000 lbs of bombs or 8 5in. rockets
Crew:     1
Deployment Date:     1942