F-14 Specs

The F-14 is the currently the Navy's premier fleet protector and fighter. This fighter, introduced in 1973 and updated in the 90's, is a fast, powerful, and maneuverable aircraft. One reason this fighter is so effective is because of its weapons systems and pay load capacity. It is currently the only fighter in the US inventory that can carry the phoenix missile, one of the largest and most powerful air to air missiles. It can also carry the sparrow, sidewinder, and other air to ground ordnance.

Another reason the F-14 is such and effective and maneuverable aircraft is because of its variable geometry position wing. This system will automatically find the best position for the wing, depending on speed, altitude, and other variables. This gives it high lift and stability at low speeds and the efficient delta wing configuration at Mach speeds. Also, with the introduction of the F-14D in the 1990's the aircraft systems are now digital, making the F-14 a more effective and safe fighter altogether.

Function:         Carrier Based Multi role Fighter
Contractor:         Grumman
Power Plant:         2 GE F110-GE-400 (in the B & D models) w/ 27,000 lbs of thrust each
Length:         61 ft. 9 in.
Height:         16 ft.
Max Weight:         72,900 lb.
Wingspan:         38 ft. swept, 64 ft. unswept
Speed:         Mach 2+
Range:         Unlimited w/ air refueling, 2000+ miles on internal
Armament:         M-61A2 internal 6 barrel 20mm cannon and up to 13,000 lbs of various ordinance
Crew:         two
Deployment Date:         1973
Cost:         $38 million