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CIA A-12 and SR-71 Documents

Click on the link below to download, or view in your browser the unclassified CIA documents about the A-12 and SR-71 in PDF file format.

A 1962 memo about a better cover story for the A-12

A 1967 memo about comparing the A-12 and SR-71 color photography

A memo about deploying the A-12 to support the US in Vietnam

Story of the A-12 aka Oxcart

A briefing on the A-12 program

A 1973 memo about Iran requesting an SR-71

The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance - The U-2 and OCART Programs, 1954-1974 by Gregory W. Pedlow and Donald E. Welzenbach

Information on the Kodak camera used on the A-12

CIA 1966 memo with options for A-12 and SR-71 Operations

CIA 1968 with A-12 operational data

Report on A-12 sorties from Q2 of 1967

Report on A-12 sorties from Q1 of 1968

SR-71 overflight of Cuba mission report from 1983

A record of background checks for Kelly Johnson

Archangel: CIA's Supersonic Reconnaissance Aicraft by David Robarge