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B-25 Mitchell Specs

The B-25 Mitchell came about in 1939 when the army wanted a new, higher performance, medium bomber. They liked the design of the B-25 so much that they ordered in straight into production from the drawing board. After such and unusual procurement method, for a couple of years, the Mitchell was relegated to recon and shore duty. When WWII started the B-25 was one of the main aircraft used, especially in the pacific. The Japanese toook extra notice of these bombers as some B-25 models were outfitted with a 75mm cannon. This gave them the ability to blow ships out of the water from great distances.

The most famous use of the Mitchell came about with Doolittle's Raiders. It was four and a half months after Pearl Harbor and America had its chance to strike back. Colonel Doolittle and his men did the unthinkable and directly attacked Tokyo itself. This bold move was done on April 18, 1942, and made the Japanese realize that the US was on its way. The B-25 played a major roll in WWII and did its job well along with the brave crews of the Mitchell.

Specs for the B-25J.

Function:     Medium bomber
Contractor:     North American
Power Plant:     2 Wright R-2600-29 of 1,700 hp each
Length:     51 ft
Height:     16 ft. 4 in.
Max Weight:     35,000 lbs loaded
Max Speed:     285 mph
Cruising Speed:     230 mph
Range:     2,200 miles
Armament:     8 .50 cal. machine guns, and 3,500 lbs of bombs
Crew:     6
Deployment Date:     1939