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B-24 Specs

The B-24 "Liberator" was one of the biggest and fasted heavy bombers of WWII. Even though the more famous B-17 "Flying Fortress" gets all of the attention, the B-24 carried more bombs, could fly faster, and farther. This bomber was very effective at what it did. It had ten .50 cal. machine guns to defend itself. Then it carried up to 12,500 lbs of bombs so it could go about "bombing the enemy back to the stone age".

One thing the B-24 was famous for was its legendary toughness. These remarkable planes would fly back with holes in their wings, tail, body, and sometimes engines. This plane is one type, of many, bombers that the P-51, P40 etc would escort over Germany. Overall, this plane did more than the fighters did to end the war. Taking out opposing fighter aircraft did much good, but blowing up the factories, planning centers, financial center, and other targets ultimately made it safe for the real heroes, the ground troops to do their job.

Specs for the B-24J.

Function:     Heavy bomber
Contractor:     Consolidated
Power Plant:     4 P & W R-1830-65 super charged radials w/ 1200 hp each
Length:     67 ft. 8 in.
Height:     18 ft.
Max Weight:     65,000 lbs loaded
Max Speed:     290 mph
Cruising Speed:     215 mph
Range:     2,100 miles
Armament:     10 .50 cal. and 12,800 lbs of bombs
Crew:     10
Deployment Date:     1942