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B-2 Spirit Specs

The B-2 stealth bomber is the newest addition to the air forces fleet of heavy bombers. The B-2 is a heavy, long range, strategic, and stealth bomber. It is still unknown how small the radar signature is but it is said to be smaller than the F-117's. The B-2 is a technological wonder that has a great potential in the modern style of war. It only has two pilots instead of the normal five to ten in a heavy bomber and greatly relies on computers. This plane can also carry a wide range of weapons. From nuclear to conventional it doesn't have the limitation of line of sight like bombers past.

The GPS guidance system designed by Hughes Aircraft is very powerful and accurate. With a 20 ton load capacity it can show that accuracy many times over. Along with that it can fly to anywhere in the world in a moments notice. But, there is a controversy over the 2 billion dollar price tag that come along with this airplane. That doesn't, however, change the fact that this is a great aircraft.


Function:         Strategic, long range, heavy bomber
Contractor:         Northrup
Power Plant:         4 GE F118-GE-100 engines at 19,000 lbs thrust each
Length:         69 ft
Height:         17 ft
Weight:         336,500 lbs.
Wingspan:         172 ft
Speed:         High sub sonic
Range:         6,000 nautical mi. unrefueled, 10,000 w\ one refueling
Armament:         40,000 lbs. of various nuclear or conventional weapons
Crew:         two
Deployment Date:         1993