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B-18 Bolo Specs

The B-18 Bolo is a medium bomber that entered service in the mid 1930's. This twin engine bomber had a large payload, but was also lightly protected. It started life in competition with what would become the Boeing B-17. In fact, from that first competition, the B-18 became the most produced bomber stationed outside the country as the US entered WWII. It was also among the many losses at Pearl Harbor.

While The B-18 proved outdated as a bomber in WWII, it did serve several other purposes in its service life. It was best known for anti-submarine missions, as well as transports, training, and for the airborne units of the army. Even though it did not perform its designed duty during the war this versatile aircraft played its part quietly and effectively.

Specs for the B-18A.

Function:     Medium bomber
Contractor:     Douglas
Power Plant:     2 Wright R-1820-53 of 1,000 hp each
Length:     57 ft 10 in
Height:     15 ft. 2 in.
Max Weight:     27,673 lbs loaded
Max Speed:     215 mph
Range:     1,200 miles
Armament:     4 7.62mm machine guns, and 6,500 lbs of bombs
Deployment Date:     1935