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A-7 Corsair II Specs

The Vought A-7 Corsair II, was a highly successful attack aircraft based on the design of odd looking but effective F-8 Crusader. The biggest changes were the elimination of the variable attitude wing and supersonic capabilities. In turn it gained payload, and most importantly was developed and entered full service with the Navy in a very short two years. It was so impressive that even the USAF ordered its own version of the A-7.

This aircraft served with distinction through two wars, Vietnam and the first Gulf War. Retired around the early 1990's by the US, several A-7's were sold to Greece and Portugal. With a proven design and good battlefield characteristics the A-7 was proven to be a highly successful aircraft.

Function:         Attack
Contractor:         Vought
Power Plant:         Allison T-41-A-1 w/ 14,500 lbs thust
Length:         46 ft 1.5 in
Height:         16 ft 1 in
Max Weight:         42,000 lbs.
Wingspan:         38 ft 9 in
Speed:         698 mph
Range:         715 mi. unrefueled
Armament:         one M61 Vulcan 20mm gatling gun & up to 15,000 lbs of various ordnance on 9 hard points
Crew:         one
Deployment Date:         1967