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A-20 Havoc Specs

Designed in 1938, the Douglas A-20 Havoc was destined to perform many roles throughout WWII. It served as a bomber, night fighter, and intruder aircraft. The Havoc was even one of the first aircraft, in military service, with nose gear to fly. Its first use was in France in 1940, right before the evacuation of Dunkirk. Next came the British who used it as a night fighter and intruder, they later began using it as a bomber. While its role as a bomber diminished when the heavy bombers entered the war, it grew as a low level attack aircraft.

This highly produced aircraft served several nations in WWII. With nearly 7,500 built, the British, French, US, and Russians used this unique attack aircraft for several roles in WWII. It was used in all of the WWII theaters with much success.

Specs for the A-20G Havoc

Function:     Multi-Function Attack Aircraft
Contractor:     Douglas
Power Plant:     2 Wright R-2600-23 of 1,700 hp each
Length:     47 ft 11 in
Height:     17 ft. 7 in.
Max Weight:     27,200 lbs loaded
Max Speed:     339 mph
Range:     2,100 miles
Armament:     6 50 cal machine guns and up to 4,000 lbs of bombs
Deployment Date:     1940